Leadership Team

Veena Raghunandan | Class Of 2019



Veena is pursuing her MBA after 13 years of experience in Product Development. She has extensively worked on process optimization and project management. Combining engineering background with analytics techniques, Veena looks forward to working in the digital transformation space after graduating. Her concentration is Business Analytics.

As a president, she is responsible for improving the quality of student experience for all graduate business students at GBLC. She is also responsible to coordinate all the administrative tasks of the Student Organization.



Lucy Adjei | Class Of 2019



Lucy is a Finance professional with 4 years’ experience in finance, customer service, and project management.  She enjoys being in the outdoors, hiking, traveling and watching crime and environmental documentaries. Lucy’s concentration is in Financial Analysis & Investment with a minor in Data Analytics.  She is very passionate about sustainability and seeks to use her degree, experience, and knowledge to help businesses make right investment decisions that are sustainable to all stakeholders.

As Treasurer, she is responsible for preparation of budgets and coordinating fundraising for all GBA sponsored activities. She is also the general point of contact between the GBA and the Graduate Student Senate, Alumni Donors, and various Program Offices.



Sharlene Lim | Class Of 2019

Chief Marketing Officer


Sharlene has 8 years of experience in the marketing of mass market and luxury beauty products, specializing in product development, product planning, and category management by handling a portfolio of approximately 400 SKU’s . A tenacious and dependable hard worker who likes to weave stories out of products with the aim of driving brand growth and sustainability.



Sayantan Acharjee | Class Of 2019

Chief Information Officer


Sayantan is a solution seeking electronics engineering professional with a passion for helping organizations to develop, accelerate and optimize their solutions. I have 5 years of experience in semiconductor electronics product development, project management, team management, problem analysis and solution delivery. I am currently enrolled in the Full-time MBA program at the University of Connecticut School of Business.

Given my extensive technical background, I have faced, analyzed and solved problems on a regular basis and that has given me the skills to be innovative, analytical and problem-solver.

As CIO, he is responsible for ensuring information related to GBA functioning and events are recorded and tabulated for future references. He is also tasked with managing GBA website and surveys.