In addition to joining the GBA, you should also consider joining one of the four clubs – Consulting (UGC), Finance (GFA), Marketing (GMA) or Media (GEMA).  These clubs offer developmental programs, networking opportunities, speaker series, panel discussions, and chances to work on real-world projects with clients.  Occasionally, the GBA will hold social events in conjunction with the clubs.  More information will be available at the beginning of the year from each club individually.  Until that time, consider the path you are looking for your career to take and which club would be the best fit for you.

Graduate Finance Association (GFA)

The University of Connecticut’s Graduate Finance Association (GFA) is a student-run organization that is open to all graduate students. Our mission is to prepare our members for careers in and related to finance, which will be accomplished through a series of networking activities, workshops, and educational events. Overall, the GFA seeks to enhance the Graduate School of Business experience for all of its members, while focusing on many areas of finance.

UConn Graduate Consulting (UCG)

UConn Graduate Consulting (UCG) is a team of forward-thinking professionals that delivers consistent and immediate impact and builds sustainable competitive advantage. They work with small and medium sized enterprises to help them drive optimal value out of their current business while maximizing potential for future growth opportunities.

The diverse background of our associates from various graduate level programs at UConn allows us to utilize a wide variety of business tools for our clients. Using these tools with a clear understanding of your organization, your goals and your challenges, UGC is able to help you achieve tangible results.

Graduate Marketing Association (GMA)

The UConn Graduate Marketing Association (GMA) is a student run club designed for students interested in careers in Digital Marketing, Marketing Analytics, Brand Management, and other similar disciplines. The goal of the club is to further expose students to key tools, roles & organizations within the Marketing field. Members of the club can expect to work on Google Analytics projects, learn key tools like SAS, and to gain access to informational sessions with strong Marketing organizations such as Lego.

Graduate Entertainment & Media Association (GEMA)

The UConn Graduate Entertainment & Media Association (GEMA) prepares students for careers in the entertainment and media industry through experiential activities, networking, and educational events. GEMA is committed to professional development and leveraging innovation, leadership, and a deep understanding of the media industry. Our relationships with students, professionals, and alumni will help our members compete for top employment opportunities in all areas of entertainment, media, and other positions in the spotlight.